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2024/2025 Board Of Directors


Ashlee Hagan

First Vice President

Paula Zeagler

Second Vice President

Dana Calderone

Provisional Trainer

Stephanie Patton

Recording Secretary

Chandra Crane

Assistant Recording Secretary

Brooke Benefield

Corresponding/Membership Secretary

Shawnta Gandy

Hours Secretary

Brittney Hawkins


Beth Ann Rayborn

Assistant Treasurer

Hayley Smith

Fundraising Chair

Olivia Miley

Constitution & Bylaws Chair

Erin Rigel

Community Enrichment Chairs

Katie Anthony & Chandler Hawkins

Education Chair

Whitney Southwell

Child Welfare Project Chair (Room Moms)

Elizabeth Morris

2024/2025 Leadership & Committee Chairmen

Lifetime Member Affiliate

Brooke Boyd

Awards Committee Chair

Hilleri Burks

Scholarship Committee Chair

Alea Ausmer

Nominating Committee Chair

Ashley Forman

Membership Committee Chair

Paula Zeagler

Projects Evaluation Committee Chair

Dana Calderone

Crown Club Chair

Mindi Selman

Budget Committee Chair

Beth Ann Rayborn

Public Relations Committee Chair

Leslie Lambert

Marketing Chair

Denetria Gamble

Social Committee Chairs

Carolyn Howard & Meagan Hurt


Ashlee Hagan

2024-2025 President


Paula Zeagler

2024-2025 First Vice President

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