Dating back to 1941, the Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg has worked tirelessly to volunteer and provide resources for women and children throughout the Pine Belt. Based on this foundation, this year’s Provisional Class is committed to helping families in our community who experience grief through the loss of a child. 


Nearly one in four pregnancies end in loss, and the bereavement period with an infant who has passed is often very limited. Because of this, a company in Florida is dedicated to changing the moments after passing for parents through the use of the Caring Cradle.


The Caring Cradle is a device that allows for a more comfortable and appropriate atmosphere for parents and families to spend more time with a baby who has passed. 


With wide support from Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg’s membership and board, the Provisional Class raised funds to purchase two units – one each for Merit Health Wesley and Forrest General Hospital. It is our belief that if this tool aids in the grief process for just one family, the cost will be worth it. 


What is a Caring Cradle?

Very simply, the Caring Cradle is a device that cools and offers a more comfortable way for parents and families to spend time with a baby who has passed away. By cooling the body of a baby, the natural changes that occur after death are slowed. This slowing allows parents memory making time, out of town family to arrive, pictures to be taken and above all the ability to hold, rock, bathe and cuddle the baby without worry.

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