Through this project JAH is working to take away the stigma from the children who are being rescued from horrible circumstances of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg donates bags filled with necessities such as a blanket, small toiletries, stuffed animal, socks, comb/brush, and Bible/book/journal. JAH works with law enforcement and the Department of Human Services (social workers) to deliver the bags.



This project was initiated to provide a carnival-themed atmosphere with fun games and interactive activities for children attending the Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp.  The carnival is held on the final day of camp as the campers are waiting for their parents/caregivers to arrive.  Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp, founded in 1961, is a local, non-profit organization operated by an all-volunteer staff that allows children with significant disabilities to enjoy camping experiences.



The ladies of Junior Auxiliary believe in the ideals and principles of the DuBard School for Language Disorders, located on the campus of USM.  The special needs children who attend this school have a variety of communication-related learning disorders, some of which are severe, and cannot be addressed in the typical school setting.  Since art often plays an important role in a child's educational development, members of The Junior Auxiliary facilitate art programs and workshops for these students, while teaching various art techniques and mediums.


This project will serve the community in a two-fold manner.  First, F4S  provides frozen meals for families affected by terminal illness. JAH members on this committee prepare casseroles to be placed in two different freezers maintained by partner organizations. Families under hospice care/home health are invited to take a casserole as needed to help them through their difficult time.  Second, F4S will reach out to various agencies that provide hot meals and assist with serving meals to at-risk community members.


The goal with this project is to give families an opportunity to socialize and share experiences, hardships, and the immense love they have for their child with other families we serve. Along with giving our parents and families a safe space to communicate, we’d like to offer a supervised “play date” with typically developing children in our communities and let parents outside of TCC give their child an opportunity to interact with a child with a disability and learn that they may “look and talk differently,” we all PLAY THE SAME! JA members will help plan the “play date” and help with preparation for the event, bringing crafts/games for the event, and clean up.




Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg's Crown Club will mentor young area women entering the 10th grade through 12th grade. The mission is help these women grow through community service. Members on this project will facilitate Crown Club membership through an application process. Members on this project will help the Crown Club members with their service projects and yearly events.




The purpose of the Family Affair project is to assist families by providing basic needs and services until they are able to become self-sufficient.  The Junior Auxiliary assists families with children in hopes of keeping the family intact during difficult times.  Of course, each family is different and the circumstances surrounding each family determine the amount of assistance and length of time the Junior Auxiliary may assist any given family. The recommended maximum length of time a family can be assisted by the Family Affair program is two years.




Helping children to imagine and create culture within their own circle is one of the goals of this project.  Building relationships and fostering individual creativity are additional goals we hope to pursue and accomplish.  Our long-term hope is to follow these particular children through sixth grade and to establish this project in other area elementary schools. 


Lamar County’s Parents as Teachers’ Roll and Read is a bi-annual event that promotes early childhood literacy, physical activity, and social and emotional development for preschool children in Lamar County. This project reaches 400 children and their families engaging children and families in health, recreation, culture, and education. JA members will help the day of the event and responsibilities may include set-up, facilitating activities, clean-up, supporting pre-school classes, taking event photos, and being runners.



This project provides a night of dinner, entertainment and fun once a month for special needs children and their families. The committee works closely with the ARC for themes and dates of events.



The Pinebelt Diaper Bank was created with the intention of helping provide diapers to families across the Pinebelt struggling to purchase them. The diaper bank was also created with the intention of preventing health concerns in babies, which may arise if diapers are not changed consistently. Diapers are not covered by federal assistance programs or social welfare systems like WIC or food stamps because they are considered a “hygiene item” and not essential items. JA members will bundle diapers already collected, and bring them to Edwards Street Fellowship Center. Members will continue to bundle diapers on a monthly basis. Members will also hold diaper drives as needed.



“The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for all children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in the sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics Athletes and their communities.”  JA will host fun activities during the local fall, spring and summer Special Olympics Hub City Region games. This project’s purpose is to help the athletes to engage, socialize, and make memories

while they are not competing in their athletic events.



 This project will initially partner with United Christian Academy which serves local children from financially disadvantaged households with a full-time Christian education and support system. Each JA member will be assigned a 6th-8th grade student at United Christian Academy. Members will write a letter to their student each month without identifying themselves. The focus of the letters would be to provide background on themselves and provide information for the students to investigate like hometown, college attended, career choices, etc. Students would be learning to write correspondence, basic grammar/punctuation, and how to address a letter. In the spring, JA will host a “field day” for the entire school. JA members will meet their “pen pal” and lead all of the students in various field day activities.  


This project allows JA members to care for disabled children through the night during the week of Civitan Camp. Civitan Camp is a week of summer camp for children with physical and mental disabilities. Each child is assigned a counselor during the day, and at night, JA members take over the role of care taking so that the counselors can rest.



This project is designed to expose children to a variety of artistic mediums that they may otherwise never experience. The Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg hosts its annual Smart Art project where local children participate in a variety of artistic sessions including painting, sewing, music, and drama.  Participants are given gift bags full of art supplies, books, and musical instruments so that they can continue to explore and enjoy the arts at home.





The mission of the Wardrobe Warehouse is to clothe under-resourced women and children of all ages in a warm and healthy environment, promoting self-confidence and well-being. This program assists people in our Family Affair program, people referred through other service organizations, and people who have experienced a natural disaster. Wardrobe Warehouse also holds its annual Coat Drive in the Fall.


Welfare exists to address dire and urgent needs of single parent households in the community as they arise.  Welfare steps in to offer financial support and assistance with basic needs, typically on a one-time basis.  Through this program, we step in to, for example, help the lights on, keeping the residence heated/cooled, clothing children, and other necessities in the lives of those needing assistance during a particularly difficult time.

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