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Service isn't free

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Service isn't free! The ladies that make up Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg dedicate over 2500 hours each year serving underprivileged women and children of the Pine Belt. Our service hours alone cost JA of Hattiesburg over $75 per hour as we funnel the funds raised each year directly into 16 different service projects.

We fundraise each year to fully fund our projects. That means donations funnel directly into our community as we serve in areas of education, wellness, diversity, and more. ​This year, our donors have the opportunity to donate directly to the project of their choosing, as well as the chance to make donations recurring on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis! 

There are several easy ways to donate to Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg.

  • Text JAHATTIESBURG TO 41444 for a link to our online donation form.

  • Fill out the form at the end of this page with your one-time or recurring donation.

  • Donate by mail.  Please make checks payable to Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg and send donations to Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg | P.O. Box 15433 | Hattiesburg, MS 39404


Keep scrolling to learn more about our community impact, and how you can be a part of our service. Your helping hands give JA Ladies the opportunity to help others in their need. We are grateful for your support! 

Email any questions to our fundraising chair, Olivia Miley, at

Classroom Champions


Kid’s Culture supports children in first grade at Rowan Elementary School to support their reading and fine art requirements. This project encourages young children to imagine and create culture within their own circle by connecting art and literature. We strive to build relationships and foster individual creativity for young students by visiting the classrooms monthly, reading a story, and initiating an art project or activity that relates to the book. 


Focuses on reading and fine art in 1st grade classrooms at Rowan Elementary.

- JA Ladies serve each month of the school year

- Stories and projects are themed seasonally

- Serving approximately 60 students per month

- Serving11 hrs per month. 110 hrs total

- $100 monthly recurring donation or $1000 donation would sponsor Kid's Culture for one school year! 

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Smart Art is designed to expose children to a variety of artistic mediums that they may otherwise never experience. The Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg hosts its annual Smart Art project where local children participate in a variety of artistic sessions including painting, sewing, music, and drama.  Participants are given gift bags full of art supplies, books, and musical instruments so that they can continue to explore and enjoy the arts at home. 


Helping students be exposed to various art mediums, and providing participants with art materials to continue their art.

- Two full days of service each summer

- Helps expose students to various mediums of art

- Serving approx. 30 students 

- 85 hours served each summer

- $1000 donation sponsors a full summer of Smart Art


JA partners with the Lamar County's Jefferson Todd Alternative School to offer a reward opportunity for elementary and secondary age students. Each month, JA ladies plan a class party for students who were engaged in their work, participated in class, and had good behavior for the month. Our project gives students something to look forward to, and we try to expose them to opportunities they may not have been exposed to before like pumpkin carving, jewelry making, cupcake decorating, and more! 


Serving as room moms for the Jefferson Todd Alternative school to a host class party reward system each month.

- JA Ladies serve each month of the school year

- Host class parties as a reward for good class behavior

- Serving approx. 30 elementary and secondary age students per month

- Serving 12 hours per month. 120 hours for the year. 

- $400 donation sponsors one month of Room Moms 


Tiger Tales is a literacy-based project designed to help improve reading skills at the third grade level. Third grade students have to pass a reading test to continue to forth grade, so Tiger Tales helps offer an extra level of reading education, while promoting team building skills and confidence. In a monthly visit, members read a book to students and break into groups to participate in an activity related to the story/holiday/season. We also to prepare a snack and drink with each visit. 


Offering support to third grade students preparing for the state reading readiness test. 

- JA Ladies provide monthly support in areas of reading, team building, and nutrition in 3rd grade class rooms. 

- Monthly visits include stories and activities help support teacher's reading lessons

- Serving approx. 30 3rd grade students each month

- $3000 donation sponsors a full year of Tiger Tales

Confidence Cultivators


Leading a group of young ladies grades 10-12 an for an opportunity to grow up learning how to serve others


JA of Hattiesburg's Crown Club mentors 80 young women entering the 10th grade through 12th grade. The mission is help these young ladies grow through community service. Members on this project facilitate Crown Club membership through an application process, and work with the Crown Club members to fundraise and facilitate their own service projects and yearly events. 

- JA Ladies lead 80 young ladies through a year of service.

- JA Ladies serve over 200 hours alongside young members each year

- Crown Club serves an average of 1200 hours each year apart from JA members' service hours.


Purchasing, wrapping, and distributing gifts to fulfill requests for assistants through CEC


Each year, JA has received requests to help families fulfill needs such as providing Christmas gifts for kids who may otherwise not receive anything under their tree. We created this project to better plan for those requests. Members of this project buy, wrap, and deliver Christmas presents to children to bring back the joy of giving to Christmas. This project works with Community Enrichment Committee to purchase Christmas presents, wrap and deliver.

- JA Ladies created this new for the 24/25 JA year after filling urgent requests several years in a row. 

- Bugeted to serve an estimated 40 people this Christmas

- Estimated 50 hours to be served during the holiday season

- $2000 donation sponsors a full year of Holiday Helpers


Serving the families seeking shelter from domestic abuse by giving them a reprieve from the stress of their circumstances.


JA Ladies partner with the Domestic Abuse Family Shelter to support and encourage the women and children living there. Members meet with DAFS residents monthly, and do activities, seminars, and provide family friendly fun. JA also helps with facility needs or needs of specific individuals living there. The goal of this project is to provide some fun and bonding for women and children going through a very difficult time, and to support them in any way we are able to as they work to start their lives over.

- JA Ladies focus on giving residents a retreat from the hard moments of life. 

​- Residents likely move to the shelter with little to no personal belongings.

- Serving a maximum of 20 families twice monthly

- $750 donation sponsors one month of Gal Pals |

$7500 would sponsor one year of Gal Pals gatherings 


Distributing sweaters and jackets to Pinebelt residents during the winter.


Wardrobe Warehouse gives JA Hattiesburg the opportunity to give others warm clothes for winter. Through a community-wide distribution event, underprivileged Pinebelt residents receive jackets and sweaters to keep warm in the winter. Wardrobe Warehouse hosts an annual Coat and Sweater Drive in the fall, and committee members are responsible for collecting and sorting clothing items for the distribution event, then hosting the event welcoming beneficiaries.

- JA Ladies collect, sort, and distribute coats and sweaters during the fall 

- Serving ## annually

- Distributing ## articles of warm clothing annually

- 135 hours served to prepare and host event

-$3000 donation sponsors one year of Wardrobe Warehouse

Diversity Defenders


A carnival filled with games, art, and music for campers of Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp.

Screenshot 2024-07-14 at 3.41.27 PM.png

Civitan Camp Carnival was created to provide a carnival-themed atmosphere with fun games and interactive activities for children attending the Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp. Civitan Camp, founded in 1961, is a local, non-profit organization operated by an all-volunteer staff that allows children with significant disabilities to enjoy camping experiences. Our carnival promotes creativity and PLAY for campers and volunteers.

- Serving campers and volunteers with a night of entertainment and fun with a carnival style event.

- Serving 70 disabled children (+ camp volunteers) per year. 

- 75 hours served each summer

- $1500 donation sponsors 1 year of Civitan Camp Carnival


Hosting a play date to encourage interaction with children of different ability levels.

Screenshot 2024-05-12 at 8.05_edited.jpg

In partnership with The Children's Center supports children ages birth to 5 with disabilities and complex communication needs. JA Ladies offers a supervised “play date” with other children and lets parents outside of TCC give their child an opportunity to interact with a child with a disability and learn that they may “look and talk differently,” but we all PLAY THE SAME! 

- JA Ladies host a play date with The Children's Center families to encourage inclusive play for children at various ability levels.

- Serving approx. 15 families each quarter 

- 180 hours served each year

- $1500 donation sponsors play the same for one year


Provides a night each month of entertainment and fun for ARC participants.


Pennington’s Night Out provides a night of dinner, entertainment and fun once a month for children with physical and mental disabilities who participate in ARC.  The committee members work closely with the ARC to coordinate themes and dates for the events. This project hosts "prom", sporting experiences, trunk-or-treating and more. ARC is a non-profit organization that provides programs, experiences, and respite care for individuals with disabilities. 

- Creating themed events each month that give families respite and allows participants to focus on FUN.

- Serving approx. 30 participants each month 

Serving 200 hours annually | 20 hours per month

- $5000 donation sponsors 1 year of Pennington's Night Out


Caring for the overnight needs for campers of Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp. 


This project allows JA members to care for disabled children through the night during the week of Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp. Civitan Camp is a week of summer camp for children with physical and mental disabilities. Each child is assigned a counselor during the day, and at night, JA members take over the role of care taking so that the counselors can rest.

- JA Ladies spend the night with campers to give counselors rest time at night. 

- Caring for 8 children overnight focusing on rest and medical needs

- Serving 175 hours

- $300 donation sponsors one summer of Rock-A-Bye Moms

Wellness Warriors


Providing weekend and school break meals for food insecure children at 3 Hattiesburg schools.


Backpack Blessings is designed to provide nutrition to food insecure children when they are not able to receive meals at school. This project packages food into discreet bags and delivers to schools on a weekly basis. This committee also alters the food to accommodate for extended school breaks.The school counselor then distributes to the children enrolled in the food program.

- Purchasing, packing and delivering food bags each week to 3 Pinebelt schools. 

- Serving 200 children weekly | over 7500 meals

- Serving 600 hours each year | 25% of annual service budget

- $300 donation sponsors one child for the year 


Packing and distributing diapers to underprivileged children to provide expensive necessities and meet hygiene needs.

Screenshot 2024-05-12 at 8.28.12 PM.png

The Pinebelt Diaper Bank was created with the intention of helping provide diapers to families across the Pinebelt struggling to purchase them, along with the intention of preventing health concerns in babies if diapers are not changed consistently. JA members bundle collected diapers and bring them to Edwards Street Fellowship Center. Members bundle and distribute diapers on a monthly basis. 

- Bundling and distributing 132,000 diapers each year

- Serving approx. 50 children monthly

- 160 hours served each year

- $1000 donation sponsors two children diapers for one year


Meeting hygiene needs for local youth through hygiene products and education.


Confidence Kit is designed to meet the hygiene needs of youth that do not have access to these products from other avenues. JA funds the project and purchases supplies as needed throughout the year. We create bags with products to be distributed buy the counselors at local schools in discreet packaging. A pamphlet is provided in each bag with a daily checklist of hygiene tasks.

- packing and delivering hygiene bags to local schools for distribution, and spending time educating students on healthy hygiene. 

- Serving 75 hours annually

- $5000 donation would sponsor one year of confidence kits


Packing and distributing feminine hygiene products to women and teenagers in need monthly. 


The Girls Only project is designed to help meet the feminine hygiene needs of teenage girls and women who might otherwise have to miss school, work, or other important events due to lack of these necessities. JA members purchase and bundle feminine hygiene products  and establish an ongoing “feminine hygiene products bank” to continuously provide to populations served by Edwards Street Fellowship and to local schools. 

- Bundling 148,800 pads and tampons per year 

- 4,800 products distributed to local schools | 20 teens served monthly

- Serving 600 women monthly through Edward Street Fellowship

- 140 hours served each year buying, bundling, and distributing

- $500 donation sponsors two women with feminine products for one year 

It is your turn to lend a helping hand

To make a donation to the work of Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg.

  • Fill out the form on this page with your donation and payment information.

  • Donate by mail.  Please make checks payable to Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg and send donations to

Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg

P.O. Box 15433

Hattiesburg, MS 39404

* Donations made online will receive a tax deductible receipt upon donation. 

* If you would like to speak to our donation chair to make a large donation, please email



Complementary tickets*

Reserved seated table at Charity Ball

Prominent Sponsor Recognition

Yard Sign/Door Cling


Complementary tickets*

Reserved seated table at Charity Ball

Prominent Sponsor Recognition

Yard Sign/Door Cling


Complementary tickets*

Reserved seated table at Charity Ball

Prominent Sponsor Recognition

Yard Sign/Door Cling


*as requested with RSVP


Complementary (limit 6)

Reserved bistro table

Sponsor Recognition

Yard Sign/Door Cling


Complementary tickets (limit 4)

Donor Recognition

Yard Sign/Door Cling


Donor Recognition

Yard Sign/Door Cling

Helping Hands 

$300 | Provide one child with weekend meals for one year

$500 | Provide 2 women with feminine products for one year

$1000 | Provide 2 children with diapers for one year

Donor Recognition

Friends of Junior Auxiliary

Maximize your giving opportunity by considering a recurring donation! 

Email any questions to our fundraising chair, Olivia Miley:

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